8 Australia Packing Essentials

March 24, 2017

As most of you know I recently spent two weeks being a pretend backpacker travelling the east coast of Australia and although I wouldn't count it as backpacking, I definitely learnt a lot especially when it comes to what to pack. I thought that it would be useful to turn what I learnt into a light hearted tips post of ten essential things that you will need if you ever travel around Australia!
Whilst I was in Australia I took a grand total of eight flights in two weeks, which sounds horrific but really it wasn't that bad but it did mean that I was literally living out of my suitcase and back pack the entire time. With so many flights also came different weight amounts, so I really had to streamline myself when it came to packing, and it's definitely true when they say that you will always overpack no matter what! Having said that I managed to pack pretty much everything that I needed and everything I did pack came in handy one way another, so here are my top ten essentials for travelling Australia.

Ear plugs - Yep, right in there at number one is ear plugs and let me tell you that I did not sleep one night in hostels without these things firmly shoved into my ears! If you're staying hostels or have stayed in hostels you'll know that people are not quiet, no matter what hour of the night it is and some people also don't have any dignity and won't care about what you can hear. So take my advice, get yourself some ear plugs.

Sunscreen - If like me you burn easily then it's an obvious one to wear factor 50 at all costs, but the ozone layer is quite damaged around Australia so it's very easy to burn whilst you're there. The lovely team at Jurlique sent me their Sun Specilast SPF40 High Protection Cream* (£27) to try out whilst I was there, and although I still burnt i'd say this definitely helped in stopping my skin from burning any further, and it smelt incredible!

Padlocks - Again, this is really only if you're staying in hostels or taking a few flights but having a padlock became so handy for me as it meant I was able to lock any important or valuable items in my suitcase if I was going out. Also a lot of hostels have lockers, so again if you want to make use of those having a padlock is really handy.

Bikinis - You can't not go to Australia without a bikini or two, especially if you're doing The Whitsundays, Frazer Island or just any general activities that include swimming! I got so much wear out of this Zaful Chinese Painting Swimsuit* (£16.64) and I absolutely love the green tropical print to it. I also found that I could style it with the matching bottoms, but also with a pair of simple black bottoms which made it a lot more versatile. 

Portable chargers/plug adapters - As i'm sure you all know when travelling to other countries the power adapters or plugs are usually different to those used here in the UK, so ensuring you've got an adapter or two is a must! I also opted to take my portable charger, which turned out to be an amazing idea of my behalf as I used this practically every day! 

Travel wallet/organiser - One thing that I didn't take per say is a travel wallet, but I did have all of my travel documents in a poly pocket thing. I just found ensuring that all of my documents including my passport and flight confirmations were in one place made everything so much easier than having to fiddle around trying to find things at the last minute. A lot of brands now a days are jumping on the travel wallet trend, so i've linked a few down below for you to check out.

Sunglasses - For every second that the sun was out I think I had sunglasses on as it was so bright, and I think it's really important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes! I personally loved rocking these Zaful Gold Crossbar Cat Eye Sunglasses* (£5.40) as they're so funky and on trend! 

Preloaded currency credit card - When it came to changing my spending money I opted for a Cash Passport which essentially works like a credit card, all you have to do is preload your money onto it before you go. I did all of mine at my local Tesco and it was totally worth it as it meant I wasn't carrying around a huge amount of cash on me.

So that is everything that I would recommend is a definite when it comes to backpacking around Australia as everything came in so handy for me!

What are your essentials when it comes to packing?

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