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August 22, 2016

It's been a little while since I shared some blog love and i've recently really been enjoying the evening where I take an hour or so out to catch up on the blogs I follow, whilst also discovering new blogs. I'm forever swooning over the amazing photography that I see across all of the blogs that I read, so I thought i'd share some of my current favourites and introduce some bloggers that you may have not come across before.
Photography for me can make or break a blog and as a person that prides themselves in taking the time to put in the effort and energy when it comes to my own blog photography, i'm always looking to others for inspiration, and to generally just admire the beauty in other photography. With there being so much negativity within the blogging I thought i'd take some time to share some positivity and the ultimate girl gang member by lifting up those around me.

Claudia - Beauty & The Chic
Beauty and The Chic is a blog that i've read pretty much from the beginning, and i'd say that Claudia and I are forever lusting over one another's beauty purchases and Instagram feeds as we constantly share the love on social media. Claudia's photography is hands down one of my favourites within the blogging community and I honestly don't know how she does it! Whether it be beauty products, her amazing stationary line or portraits of her adorable little boy George, she just nails it and i'm forever begging her to teach me her ways!

Sophie - Sophie's Makeup
Sophie's Makeup Blog is a recent discovery for me through the Bloglovin' discover section and i'm so glad I did as i've since been all over her blog and photography. Her flat lays are just absolute goals and everyone of her photos are just beautiful! You can see how much effort she puts into each one of her images with the most beautiful background props and locations, and if I could master a portrait flay lay the way she does then i'll be forever content with life and never complain again!

Mollie - Mollie Manning
Mollie Manning is another long term favourite of mine and Mollie is the ultimate babe (let's be honest!). I've watched Mollie's photography grow over the past couple of years and i'm forever in awe of her amazing flat lays, as her photography style is like no other blogger out there. Mollie puts in so much effort into her photography, from the layout to the props that she uses and I often wish I had the energy to make my images look as good as her's do! Goals, pure goals!

Cliona - Cliona Hill
Cliona Hill is another recent discovery of mine after I followed Cliona on Twitter a few months back, and ever since i've been creeping on her blog. Cliona's photography is like no others and that what makes me love her photography, as it's so personal to her own style and I don't how she gets the perfect background blur but it makes her photos! I also love Cliona's outfit photos, the locations she chooses are just beautiful and make such beautiful backgrounds for her cute yet causal style.

Kristina - Creepers & Cupcakes
Creepers & Cupcakes is a blog i've followed for quite some time and I always find myself getting lost in her blog as her photography is just beautiful, and her content is so engaging yet easy. I absolutely love Kristina's flat lays, especially as she always uses the most beautiful marble background that allows her product shots to just pop. I also love her outfit photography and the minimal backdrops that she uses as it allows her outfits to be the main focus, and they make me want to up my outfit photography.

Lily - Pint Sized Beauty
Pint Sized Beauty is another blog that has been on my radar ever since I followed Lily on Twitter and often saw her blog on Bloglovin's discovery page, and ever since discovering her blog i've totally fallen for her beautiful flat lays! Lily's photography is another that makes me want to up my portrait flat lay skills, but I doubt i'll ever be able to compare to how lovely her photos are. Honestly Lily, teach me your ways! All of Lily's images are always so bright and fresh, which is so lovely to see as a lot of imagery these days can be so over exposed and seeing how Lily makes her images fit into her own style is so refreshing.

Amy - Salt & Chic
Salt & Chic was one of the first fashion blogs I discovered when I began blogging back in the day and i've watched how far Amy's blog has come over the years. I absolutely adore how Amy shoots her outfit photos, as they always look so natural and her outfits are ones i'm always lusting over. Amy is also an absolute babe and she often makes me want to embrace my natural red locks as she always looks absolutely stunning!

So those are a few of my favourite blogs/bloggers whose blogs I forever swoon over because of their beautiful photography! If you've not come across some or any of these bloggers then i'd definitely recommend giving these lovely girls a follow so you can too swoon over how amazing their photography is!

Who are your favourite bloggers for photography?

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