Turning 23 - Life & Blog Goals

August 05, 2016

Following on from my previous post What I Got For My Birthday, I thought since turning 23 that i'd take the time to sit down and really think about life. Although 23 isn't a special age or anything, I feel as you start to get older and further into your 20's you really start to look towards your future and what you want out of life. So I thought i'd set myself some realistic goals for the next year or so, not only life wise but also blog wise.
I'd definitely say in the last year or so, my life has definitely gotten itself back on track. I got out of a relationship that once consumed me, for the most part in good ways but all in all i'm much happier a year on. I also feel that my career is on the right track, although i'm very low down in the pecking order everyone has to start somewhere and I feel that where I am, is such a fortunate starting point that i'm forever thankful for. Having said all that, I feel that i'm somewhat at a dead spot and i'm not really progressing forward with many aspects so i'm hoping that actually setting myself some realistic life goals will finally give me the push I need to move my life forward, rather than backwards.

Further progress within my career - My job is something I don't talk much about, but after studying fashion design for five years of my life actually gaining a job within the industry was and still is a dream come true. Most of us start out in low down positions, like myself i'm a design assistant of which does really teach you so many skills and also helps to further your skills and fortunately within my position I can grow and really push myself to better my knowledge. Setting goals within your job is always good to do, and I hope that continuing to push myself and gaining more knowledge will really help to further my career and who knows what can happen in a year!

Create engaging yet true content - Another area that I want to progress further with is of course my blog. To be honest ever since starting my job and also the break down of my previous relationship really meant that my blog completely fell off a cliff and only in the past few months have I gotten myself somewhat back into a routine. I really want to put the effort back into my blog, by creating content that is not only true to me but content that you, my readers also love as I feel that i'm just sort of plodding along with my blog instead of actually progressing with it.

Make time for myself and the people closest to me - On the flip side to working full time and also running this blog, is that I don't get to experience as much down time as I often need and I really want to make a conscious effort to give myself some much needed down time. This also includes making more time to surround myself with the people that I really care about, and I need to stop wasting precious time on people who really don't deserve or value it. 

Travel more and create new memories - Ever since coming back from Ibiza i've been craving wanting to go travelling. There is nothing I love more than getting away and experiencing new cultures with the people that I love, and I really want to tick off more places on my travel bucket list! Although I won't be achieving this within the next year or so, I definitely want to start creating some amazing memories to look back on! 

Engage more within the blogging community - Another aspect of blogging I want to get better with is my engagement, but working full time makes it really hard as I can't be on my social media every second of the day! Having said that I want to make a better effort with it, by responding more to tweets, joining in on chats and also attending more blogger events where possible! (So if anyone has any upcoming blogger events, hit me up!)

Continue on my fitness journey - One area in my life that has started to bring me happiness is being healthy and active. Although I have a big love hate relationship with the gym, seeing results and feeling as good as I do definitely gives me the motivation to carry on. The biggest challenge for me is to keep it up especially through the winter months, as I find it so hard to want to go when it's freezing and raining when i'd rather be wrapped up in bed, but i'm going to try my best to push myself.

Save save save - Saving is a massive priority in my life right now. As i'm getting older, the want to move out of my family home is at an all time high but wanting to move out means renting, which is the last thing I want to be doing. I'd definitely say i'm fortunate to be in position that I am where I can save, but continuing to put my all into saving for a house is something I want to continue with and fingers crossed in the next few years moving out will be a possibility.

Worry less and be more happy - Finally, the main thing I want to do is be happy! I'm not a huge worrier, but I do often worry where my life will be in the next few years, but as long as i'm happy then I have nothing to worry about!

Have you set yourself any goals recently?

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