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August 03, 2016

Last week I unfortunately suffered with probably the worst case of food poisoning i've ever experienced, to the point where I thought I was going to be ill on my birthday but luckily it subsided just in time. I thought i'd take from that experience and create a post all centred around the things I love to do to give myself a pick me up after being ill or just feeling generally crap.
There is something about being ill that just utterly deflates you in every way possible, and its probably the worst feeling possible. With my very unannounced food poisoning my entire body went into utter meltdown to the point where I could only stay awake for at most an hour until my body just gave up on me. After a day in bed, let's be honest here, I felt disgusting and the only thing I knew could somewhat save me was to give myself a good pamper and pick me up, so I thought i'd share my favourite things to do to make me feel better!

Treat yourself to a Lush bath - One of the best ways hands down to make yourself feel better is to run yourself the hottest bath with all of the Lush products possible. I love having baths especially when i've been ill as it allows me to really relax all of my muscles and stomach, as it really helps to relieve any aches and pains.

Whack on a face mask - Usually when i'm ill my skin really suffers, in the sense that it can get really dry and it can often break out, so I like to give my skin a pick me up by using a face mask. A face mask that i've recently given a whirl is the ChinUp Mask (Multi Pack)* (£49.95), which is known for being the 'non surgical face lift'. Initially I wasn't really sure how this mask was going to work, but essentially it does what it says on the box. It gives your skin a wonderful firmness and almost lift that makes your skin look incredible and contoured. What is also great about this mask is that it gives your skin a wonderful boost of hydration, which my skin needed massively and i'd definitely recommend giving this a try if you're wanting to give your skin a much needed pick me up! 

Give your hair a good conditioning - Whenever i'm ill, as I mentioned I end up looking and feeling gross and in tow with that my hair really suffers especially if you're going from hot and cold. One thing my hair always appreciates is a nice burst of hydration through a hair mask. A current favourite of mine is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Strength Restorer Balm (£4.49), which has a beautiful honey scent that leaves my hair feeling uh-mazing! It works wonders to make my hair feel so silky and smooth, and my hair really loves this stuff! 

Slather your body in body butter - Once i've started to begun feeling better, and after having my lovely and relaxing Lush bath, I love to slather my body in a body butter or lotion. I do this to just give my skin a little pick up and to just make myself feel that little bit extra pampered.

Change your bed sheets - The best decision I made during the day that I was ill, was changing my bed sheets. Mainly because I didn't want to be sleeping in any nasty germs, but also clean sheets is the best feeling in the world!

Catch up on Netflix with a hot chocolate - Lastly what I love to do is just take some time to chill and relax. There is nothing worse than putting your body through a lot of movement especially when you've been ill as it does take a few days for your body to recover, so what I enjoy doing is wrapping myself up on the sofa and catching up on PLL with a hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows!

So those are a few things I love to do to give myself a little pick me up after i've been ill.

What do you do to make yourself feel better?

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