Revive & Refresh During Winter

December 09, 2016

We can all admit that the winter weather can often dampen our moods, I know it definitely can dampen mine as all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and not face the cold temperatures on some days. I'm sure we all have those days, but it's important to take some time for yourself and take care of yourself during the winter months, and I thought i'd share some of my favourites ways to refresh and pick myself up during the cold winter months.
With Christmas fast approaching, I know my festive spirits are in full swing but the cold weather seems to have crept in almost over night and it certainly has taken some getting used to. What with getting up extra early to de ice the car and lighting all the candles possible to give a little extra warmth in the evenings and having the motivation to go to the gym is slowly disappearing. That being said over the last few weekends i've been taking some time for myself to brighten my mood and hopefully some of these will help you too!

Having some 'me' time - Most weekends I will take Sunday afternoon out to give myself some much needed me time, and there a few ways in which I like to do this. Whether it's having a Youtube sub box catch up or having a well deserved quiet afternoon with a hot cup of tea then so be it. It's always important to give yourself some time to recuperate and relax, especially if your weeks are as hectic as mine. I'm currently catching up on The Missing as I completely missed the memo and everyone has been raving about good it is. So far i'm hooked but i'm still a bit behind - so don't spoil it for me please.

Pamper time - For me there is nothing better than a little pamper time as it definitely helps to brighten my mood and to generally make me feel a lot better. I love dipping into a piping hot bath with my favourite body products and at the moment i'm loving Lush Magic Wand Bubblebar (£5.95) and The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Showergel (£5) as they are totally festive and smell bloody amazing! I also enjoy giving my nails a new lick of paint and with the festive season in full swing there is nothing better than coating your nails is a layer of glitter goodness. Some of my favourite festive shades have to be from Ciate as I luckily was gifted the advent calendar last year. For a festive glittery red I always opt for Ciate Rom Com Rouge, which I think was exclusive to that calendar but it's a beautiful shade that completely gets me in the festive mood. Another shade I love is the Ciate Snow Globe (£9) which as the name would suggest makes your nails look like a snow globe, and I just love it!

Resting well - We all know how important sleep is and ensuring that you're well rested during the winter months is key as we all know the cold weather can really take it's toll on us and our bodies. With working the long hours that I do I really do rely on a good nights sleep, otherwise I just end up feeling groggy and just generally lacking energy. On nights where I struggle to sleep I usually light some candles to help me relax and unwind, and a candle i've found that really helps is the Harvey Nichols Sleep Candle (£35). It has a really subtle yet soothing scent of pure lavender which isn't actually my favourite of scents but it truly works to help you relax and unwind after a long day.

Retreating from the cold - Although we can't stay cooped up in doors all the time, it's important to also ensure we're not spending too long outside. I always end up with a dreaded cold during the winter months and so far i'm shocked I haven't caught one yet but time will tell. It's always important to keep yourself wrapped up and warm during the cold months, and my blanket collection has become a bit over the top but I love nothing more than popping on my cosiest slipper socks and bundling myself up under a blanket or two with a warm cuppa or hot chocolate in hand.

Getting in the festive spirit - One way that instantly perks up my mood is doing something festive in order to heighten my festive spirit and to distract myself from how bitterly cold it is. Last weekend I decorated our Christmas tree whilst singing Christmas songs, and this weekend i've spent a good proportion wrapping all of my Christmas shopping ready for visiting my Dad next weekend. Another way you can get in the festive spirit without facing the cold weather is to do some Christmas baking. I've been pinning a few recipes on my Pinterest recently and my favourite has to be these cute Ginger Bread Cookies!

How do you pick yourself up during the winter months?

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