Soap & Glory Star Gift - The Whole Glam Lot

December 19, 2016

When it comes to this time of year I always look forward to the limited edition gift sets and products that get released every year, and a firm favourite of mine has to be Soap & Glory's star gift which they bring out every year with a selection of their favourite products. If like me you're a huge fan of Soap & Glory then i'm sure you'll absolutely love this years set, and it's currently on offer too!
A few weeks back whilst browsing around my local Boots, I was thinking to myself and I wondered when Soap & Glory would be releasing their star gift set as it's been a while since I treated myself to some new Soap & Glory products, and I decided I would treat myself when it came out. Little did I know that two weeks later it would be arriving on my doorstep from the lovely Soap & Glory PR team! I was honestly so overwhelmed as I really did not expect to ever receive such a lovely package  - to the point that I nearly cried! So I thought today i'd share what's inside this years star gift and my overall thoughts!

The Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot Gift Set* (£30) has got to be my favourite of all of the star gifts i've had for Christmas so far, as they've totally overhauled the style of packaging and have added a touch of individuality to the design which is made up of hundreds of selfies of Soap & Glory's social media followers, which I think is such a cool and unique design! (Yes i've tried to find my selfie, and sadly failed). The actual design on the packaging is so cool, as it's a mini suitcase and is a lot more sturdy in comparison to the previous years which means storing the products is a lot easier. Another cute touch has to be the luggage tag, like what you get when you actually check a bag in at an airport, which contains all of the info for all of the products within this set, and all in all it just goes together so well!

The products within this years set has to be hands down my favourite as there is such a good variety of products, and if you've not really tried many products from Soap & Glory then it allows you try out a bunch of products that you may not normally. The first and my favourite product is the Sugar Crush Shower Gel (£6.50), and I know the scent is very selective but I personally love it! Next is the Smoothie Star Body Milk (£10), which i've never tried before but I already love the creamy scent. Next is the Righteous Butter (£10) which is a cult classic from S&G, and although it's not my favourite body butter you can never have too many in your stash! Another favourite of mine is the Scrub Of Your Life (£7), which is a lovely scrub that really works to break down and dead skin, and leaves your body smelling amazing! Last of the body products within this set is the Hand Food (£5.50), which i'm sure we all have a tube or two on our desks at work, I know I do! Finally for body products is the Hand Maid (£2.50), which is an antibacterial gel which i've never used before and i'm not really to much of germ person but they definitely come in handy at festivals!

Moving onto skincare and makeup products, which there is definitely more products of this variety in this years gift set in comparison to the previous years and i'm really excited to try these products as i've never tried any of them. Starting with the skincare products in this years gift set is the Daily Detox Vitamin C Cleanser (£8), which i'm intrigued to try and it's designed to detox and clarify your skin, which my skin definitely needs right now! The last skincare item in this years set is the Speed Plump Moisture Marvel (£13), which again i've not tried before but i'm always on the hunt to find a new moisturiser and this is aimed towards battling dry skin, which I have suffered with for quite some time now. Moving onto the makeup products in this years set and both of these products are iconic S&G products! Firstly is the Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss (£9) but a mini and although i've tried out the original back in the day, i've not tried any of the new gloss shades so i'm excited to see what these are like! Last of the amazing products in this set is the Thick & Fast HD Mascara (£10.50), which is a new formula of their best selling mascara which I love, so i'm really excited to see how different the HD version is!

So those are all of the products that are available in the Whole Glam Lot Set, which is currently on offer for £30 instead of it's original retail price of £60, so it's a complete bargain! Unfortunately it is sold out online, so you'll have to head down to your local Boots store in order to get your hands on it, but when I visited my local Boots a few days ago they had plenty in stock!

Have you got your hands on this years Whole Glam Lot Set?

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