What's in My Bag - Wireless Festival

July 12, 2013

As many of you already know I am off to Wireless Festival in London this weekend and I am super excited to be seeing some of the amazing acts that are performing with the likes of Jay Z, Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar just to name a few. Anyway following on from my Festival Beauty Essentials post I thought i'd follow up with a 'what's in my bag' as a bit of fun.
Tan Rucksack - Primark (£12)
L-R: iPhone 4 with Battery Case, Purse, Oyster card & holder, Primark Sunglasses, Tickets.
L-R: Mac, Nivea Sun Spray 50+, Umbrella, Spare Batteries for Camera.
Makeup Bag - Tesco. T-B: Sleek Face Form Palette, Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner, Vaseline Pink Bubbly, Erborian BB Creme, L'oreal Lip Stain.
So starting off with my bag, I picked up this Primark Tan Rucksack last week as I knew I would need a roomy but yet still small bag and I thought this would perfect and still on trend.

Now onto the obvious contents, of course my iPhone 4 will be coming along for cheeky instagram snaps but with my new Battery Case, which I purchased off eBay for a measly £8 last week, kinda cheap but as long as it lasts the weekend and actually helps keep my phone alive i'm not too bothered. My cute little Floral Accesorize Purse is perfect to hold the needed cards and money for the weekend as I don't need the whole contents of my big purse. As Wireless is in London we are going to be using the tube to get around so I get to dig out my Oyster Card and it's cute little holder, yay! My cheapy Primark Sunglasses will also be along for the ride, which have lasted well.. I wore these at Wireless two years ago! A complete obvious one is of course the Tickets, otherwise i'm not going to be able to get in ha!

Next onto the boring contents. Even though the weather is supposed to be really good you never know what could happen so I have my trusty Newlook Rain Coat and an Umbrella just in case. On a complete contrast, I also have my trusty Nivea Sun Spray 50+ as I will burn, it is fate. I've also got some spare batteries for my Canon PowerShot (which isn't pictured as I took the pictures with it) just as a backup.

Finally onto makeup, which will be carried in my little cute Tesco Butterfly Makeup Bag just incase I need to do any reapplying. The Sleek Face Form Palette (review here) is an obvious pick especially for multi tasking as it has 3/4 products in one. The Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner is also an obvious seeing as eyeliner is one product that doesn't really stay put on me. Vaseline is more of a necessity as my lips always get dry in the heat. As i've fake tanned, the Erborain BB Creme is my go to foundation because it is slightly darker than my natural skin tone and has such a lightweight coverage. Last but not least the L'oreal Lip Stain (review here) is just incase I decided to add a little colour to my makeup look.

As i'm not taking my laptop blogging will be a little slow this weekend but I will be updating when i'm back!

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  1. I'm going to a festival today and am really excited, I can't wait! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. I've been looking everywhere for a battery case for my iPhone, thanks for sharing where you got yours from! Have a lovely time xx


    1. No problem, just to let you know it wasn't that great.. didn't last that long but my phone didn't die. I would say the price definitely reflects how good the charger is xx

  3. Your card holder is cuuute :)

  4. Amazing essentials, your bag is super cool for festivals x


    1. Thanks! It was so useful and wasn't uncomfortable at all! xx

  5. Have a fab weekend, so jealous you'll see Jay Z and JT!!! XO



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