Your Summer Essentials Guide: Accessories

July 24, 2013

Summer is officially here, and it’s not just a typical British summer either! Whether you are off on your holidays to soak up some foreign sun or are basking in the lovely weather we are getting in England, London Boutiques give us the rundown of what essential accessories you should be snapping up, ASAP.

Summer jewellery trends often differ to incorporate a range of individual styles, as jewellery is one of the best ways to let your own personality shine through in your fashion. Here’s our favourite picks of the 2013 summer jewellery trends:
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Art Deco: If vintage is your flavour and you like blingy, statement jewellery pieces, then the art deco trend is for you. The trend incorporates heirloom style jewellery with modern twists to breath new life into the earlier fashions.

Colour Bursts: Not to be worn together, there are two colour focus trends in jewellery at the moment. One is pale and pastel colours, perfect for bringing a feminine touch to an outfit. The other is vibrant colours, a shade away from neon, bringing a young, fresh touch to outfits, perfect for casual accessorising for festivals, holidays, and daytime activities.

Geometrics: Geometric shapes and patterns make a well deserved return to our jewellery collections this summer. They are great for making a simple statement or a much larger and bolder one, as they shapes and patterns can be bright and colourful or toned down and simplified.

There are plenty of sexy and fun styles to choose from this year! Here are our favourite picks of the sunglasses trends 2013:
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Square Frames: If retro isn’t your thing, take a step into fashion future with this funky new trend. Large square frames with bold geometric patterns or in a simple block summer colour are the perfect choice for trend setters and fashion daredevils,

Wayfarers: If you like to stick to something classic, the wayfarer style sunglasses, made popular by Rayban, are the perfect style for you. Wear them in understated black or go bold with a vibrant summer colour. We are loving red at the moment!

Round Lenses: From John Lennon inspired round lenses in wire frames to takes on the square frame trend with round lenses, this lens trend can be incorporated into any style, and can be as bold and statement or as simple and understated as you choose.

To top off any summer outfit you need the right bag to carry around your essentials in style, and to help you do so here are our favourite picks of this summer’s bag trends:
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Satchel: The satchel is such a versatile and stylish item that it had to make our essentials cut. The way to wear satchels this summer is to incorporate the summer bold colours trend, and you can choose to go all out with a block colour satchel, or opt for more of a subtle nod to the colour trend with a white satchel with bright colours detailing, or even go for a plain white satchel and simply add a colourful flourish yourself, by tying a vibrant scarf around it. That way your satchel becomes even more durable, enabling you to add different embellishments such as print scarf or brooch depending on your style or the occasion.

Rucksack: Print or plain rucksacks are a great holiday buy, as you can carry round all your holiday essentials such as towels, sun cream, sunglasses, etc. in a large and stylish bag. They are also extra safe on holidays, as girls with shoulder bags and tote bags often get targeted for purse or bag snatching, so a rucksack is a wise choice for girls on holiday.

What accessories are you rocking this summer?

*This is a sponsored post written by London Boutiques

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  1. I love summer jewellery, you can wear such bright colours :)
    Daniella x

    1. And me, i like it as a way to rock the neon trend without wearing a fluro pink top! xx

  2. I lovee rucksacks this summer! And sunglasses too! But too bad I have prescription glasses :p haha

    1. I've used my rucksack to much this summer, so handy! xx

  3. I love those necklaces!great picks!:)

  4. So much pretty stuff! I want it all lol^^ You have a wonderful blog I followed you!


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